Conscious that the T4E creates a real technological breakthrough on the market, we have to insist on the quality, the reliability and the durability of the batteries with all our prospective customers. The T4E is equipped by a battery pack composed with the last generation of cells of lithium ion. The technologies of these batteries considerably evolved these last years and it offers this day the best stability, the best durability and the bigger security than the main all other lithium batteries of the market. The control of this technology can be guaranteed only by manufacturers recognized and capable of combining specific skills. The batteries of the T4E are made in France by E4V, a company of wich the know-how (chemistry, assembly, secutity) allows us to assure an excellent control of our source of energy.

How to optimize the life expectancy of batteries (recommendations of the manufacturer E4V)

Planned initially to allow until 6000 cycles (1 cycle corresponds in a day of use, load and discharge) the batteries of the T4E are concieved to have a very important longevity. To guarantee this durability, it is advisable to follow the following instructions :

Condition of use in charge : the security system of the pack will prevent any refill if the temperature of the battery pack is lower than 0°C. With the aim of optimizing the autonomy of the vehicle, a complete laod (100 %) must be made at least every 10 loads during regular use either in defect 1 time a month.

Condition of use in discharge (during the utilisation) : range of temperature during the use of -20° / 45°C.

Wintering : in case of non-use of the T4E, the batterie pack must be stored in a dry and ventilated place (-10 °C and 35 °C). The level of load of the battery pack for an upper storage in 10 days has to be situated between 50 and 60 %.

For periods 3-month-old-superiors, it is necessary to make a cycle of 100 % load and discharge at 50 % (maximum every 3 months).


Everything is done at Kremer Energie so that your T4E brings you the reliability and the service for which you expect from a high-end product.

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