Endowed with last technologies regarding mechanical and electronic engineering, the T4E Kremer is capable of evolving according to the needs for the user:

  • Recognition of tools : the T4E detects itself the type of electric tool whom you connect on its power take-offs. The trendy tool is preset in the characteristics supplied by the manufacturer. The driver can also modify these parameters manually according to his needs.
  • Updating system : the T4E has an integrated software allowing it to manage in a electronic way all the features of the tractor. A simple update of the program via an USB key allows the T4E to benefit from last technical evolutions regarding performance and regarding compatibility with tools or options.
  • BUS-CAN Technology : a technology which showed its ability regarding capacity to manage a multitude of features and which allows to relieve the structure of components.
  • The development of 100 % electric tools : the use of electrical equipments allows to optimize the performance of tools and their efficiency. That's the reason why Kremer Energie is working with different manufacturing partners for the development of specific electric tools for the T4E.


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