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Range of products

  • Energy : 100 % Electric – Lithium-ion batteries
  • Electric Motorisation : 4 asynchronous electrical motors of 7.5 kW nom. (Equivalence of 110 hp)
  • Frame: light structure - 3 rows - mechanic welded with enhanced central girders
  • Cabin : pressurized, filtration with activated charcoals, arch of safety integrated into the cabin structure (protects the driver in case of reversal of the machine), air conditioning, heating, pneumatic seat, athermal glazings, steering wheel 3 positions, silent-blocs, radio CD-MP3
  • System of progress by joystick - speed of progress by GPS
  • Speed : 3 positions (0-5km/h ; 0-10 km/h ; 0-20 km/h)
  • DPAE : Genius Viti in serial (management system of the sprayer - automatic flow according to the progress
  • Recognizing of tools : the T4E is able to recognize which type of tools is linked and to adapt the right speed of the power take-off
  • 4 types of frames : long or short / fixed way or variable way (developed in 2015)
  • Main Electric Power take-off (PTO40) and Auxiliary Electrici Power take-off (PTO12)
  • 5 years waranty (batteries), 2 years (frame and componants)

Don't hesistate to contact us for more informations.

Electric over the row Tractor - narrow spaced vineyards

The T4E is only avaliable on a version standard, with fixed way. The variable way is under development.

We study every demand of our customers to make the tool the best adapted to their exploitation.

Discover the technical characteristics of the range T4E : tableau-des-caracteristiques-techniques-t4e.pdf tableau-des-caracteristiques-techniques-t4e.pdf

A large range of options

  • Suspensions by balls of nitrogen
  • Batterie pack on back of the tractor
  • Front pulled Tool-holder
  • Front pushed Tool-holder
  • Rear pulled Tool-holder
  • Rear pushed Tool-holder
  • Central pushed Tool-holder
  • Front set of tyres : 340/65 R18 et Rear 360/70 R20
  • Hydroelectric power plant system plugged on PTO 12
  • Crankcases for electric motors x4
  • Camera
  • Automatic inflating (2015)
  • Genius VITI-ULTRA (tracability)
  • Second PTO 40
  • Second PTO 12
  • Adjusting bar (for soil tools) mécanic version or hydraulic version
  • Fixation for adjusting bar
  • Accessories-holder tray
  • Side footbridge
  • Hydraulic distributors (in complement)
  • Additional lighting
  • ASR system (2014)

Semi-electric vine shoot shredder ROTABO

The vine shoot shredder ROTABO from Boisselet is aboveground shoots for narrow vineyards. Its robust design easy of maintenance and allow you to enjoy this tool. It has a hydraulic packer (pick-up) and an electrical motor for this specific version adapted for the T4E.

Characteristics :

Rotation speed : 1700 tr/min to 2000 tr/min.

Working width : 54 cm

Require the use of a hydroelectric power plant (option) for training of the pick-up.

Recognition of tools: a socket of communication with T4E allows the immediate management of the rotation speed of the main rotor.


DSP Full Electric Sprayer

The last generation of spraying D.S.P. Kremer. allows you to realize until 40 % of economy on the use of your phytosanitary products.

Its revolutionary turbine is also less energy-consuming than most of the traditional vaults.
Technical characteristics of the 100 % electric DSP sprayer :
  • Aluminium booms and no-corrosive steel frame
  • Avalaible in 5 to 9 rows
  • Full Electric Motorisation (pump, turbine, high-pressure cleaner)
  • Screwing and bolting with triple protection treatment
  • Spraying boom folding and rising with hydraulic system
  • 3 heights of double jets with ceramic noozles. Maximal pressure: 30 Bars.
  • Hard chrome-plated hydraulic jacks


Full Electric Vine Trimmer

Full Electric Vine Trimmer speciliy adapted for T4E

6 brushless electric motors

Height of cup defined according to customer specifications

Delivered with support of removal

Crankcases of protection of blades

Available options:

- Hydraulic space independent from 2 rows

- Supplement for lifting

- Supplement for stainless blades with limited fouling


  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Available in 2 versions : magnetic detection (for metal posts) or optic detection by cells system (for wood posts)
  • Studied to be used before the fall af the leaves (use the magnetic detection version)
  • High speed of work
  • High quality of cutting optimized around the post
  • Robustness
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Evolutive to 4 rows
  • Full electric version under developement

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