Why to do the choice of a T4E ?

  • An extremely low costin-use :

8 working hours with electric T4E = less than 10 euros on your electricity bill per day !

The charger of the T4E connects directly with an adapted electric socket on your 380 V - 32 amperes power grid and allows the tractor to be reloaded between 6 and 8 hours (according to the initial discharge). A fast charger, available in option, allows to win 50 % time of charge. The best solution if you want to garantee a maximum of autonomy for the all day !

  • Reduced maintenance costs :

The small quantity of hydraulic oil (10 liters of organic oil only for all the tractor to feed the direction and the tool holder) limits at the most the maintenance costs. The number of parts in movement is extremely limited (hydroelectric power plant, direction, reducers, electric engine...)

  • Less of noise and vibrations :

The T4E is reconnised by its low sound emission during its travels on road and becomes practically silent in work mode. Inside the cabin, the driver is totally isolated by the outer noises thnaks to the sound and thermal insulation of the structure. The working of tools is silently made. The cabin is placed on oil-bath rubber silent blocs that provides a complete shock absorbation of the tires. The suspension with nitrogen balls (in option) allows tu absorb the shocks and the vibrations of all the tractor during the travales on road.

  • Updating system :

The T4E can evolved with different updates on the main program. With this action, any driver can take advantage of the last technical developpments. In this case, your T4E can beneficit from the last improvements regarding management, security and the last available features.

The tractor can so evolve in time without modifying the structure.

  • A tractor wich adapts itself to the driver :

The philosophy of the T4E lives in sentence : it is in the tractor to adapt itself to the type of conduct of every driver. He can also manage the functions of the handle to adapts itself to the use of tools

  • Work in complete safety :

The T4E has series of the last technologies regarding safety and regardin protection for the driver : pressurized cabin, filtration with activated charcoals, arch of safety integrated into the structure of cabin (based on the roll over protection system). These protective devices allow the T4E to answer the last existing standards and for those who will be soon applicable on this type of equipment

  • Reduce you environmental impact :

The T4E also distinguishes itself by the absence of gas emission during its use. The use of biodegrable oil also allows you to reduce strongly the impact of the greenhouse gases in your exploitation (ideal for the carbon footprint assesment)

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