Technical specificities of T4E

T4E - Straddle Electric Tractor : 

The T4E is a 110 bhp (80kw) Electric Straddle Tractor that offers the same functionality as a traditional straddle tractor, but with the added advantage of using an alternative to fossil fuel, which is beneficial not only from an environmental but also an economic and health point of view. Since its inception, Kremer Energie has been pursuing has been the use of electrical energy in wine-growing high-clearance tractors, delivering major advances for both wine-growers and their customers. In particular :

-          Reducing energy and maintenance costs, sound pollution and vibrations,

-          Improving driving safety

-          Preventing pollution of the atmosphere, soil and plants by hydrocarbons and exhaust gases,

-          An extremely reduced cost of use (8 hours is enough to the recharge the batteries for an estimate bill of less than 10 euros)

-          Almost non-existent maintenance costs due to the absence of a heat engine and the low quantity of organic hydraulic oil carried (only 13 liters)

With its two electric power take-offs, the T4E is able to pull all types of classic tools used for mechanized work in narrow vineyards (milling, topping, spraying, working the soil, etc…). It automatically recognizes the electrical tools to which it is connected and adapts to the operating requirements provided by the tool manufacturers, which generates substantial savings in terms of energy autonomy and work efficiency.

Together with the tractor’s electronic management system, the easy-to-use joystick that controls its movement and manages the tools simplifies handling and day-to-day work, relying particularly on the robust BUS-CAN technology. Also, the integrated program managing the functionalities of the T4E can easily be updated using a USB key, delivering the latest technological developments with regard to performance and compatibility with tools or options. As far as the use of these tractors in France is concerned, wine-growers are required in terms of the opinion published in the Journal Officiel on August 2013 to wait for national type approval to ensure compliance with the technical rules for health and safety in the workplace applicable to this type of machinery.

A more environment-friendly tool

  • No noise pollution
  • Preventing pollution of the atmosphere, soil and plants by hydrocarbons and exhausts gases
  • Using recycled materials and safe components (organic oil, aluminum, batteries, )

A more economic tool :

  • 95 % of cost reducing on your energy bill (8 hours is enough to the recharge the batteries for an estimate bill of less than 10 euros compared to 100 € on minimum for a complete full tank of diesel)
  • 80 % of economy on the maintenance costs (13 litres of organic oil and a limited numbers of parts in movement

A more reassuring and comfortable tool

  • Pressurized cabin, integrated arches of safety (complete protection of the driver in case of reversal)
  • Filtration with classy activated charcoals IV
  • Panoramic view 360°
  • A unique comfort of driving : not of vibratory, very comfortable seat (pneumatic and heating)

A state-of-the-art tool:

  • Bus Can system
  • Automatic Management System for Sprayer (in serial)
  • GPS Technology
  • Automatic recognising of tools (only with electrical motors)
  • Software Interface with update system
  • Mutlifonction screens
  • Many options : ABS, control of trajectory, balls of nitrogen suspension

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